- Aron Prince


Aron Prince is a recording artist/songwriter and House Music dancer based in New York, NY. Fall 1995, Aron Prince released his first single entitled "Living in Fear" on Sex Mania/Power Music Distribution (DJ Duke). January 2004, he started his own record label,Aron Prince Entertainment, based on a Marketing class final project. He released two full-length albums, in 2006 "Invisible Man" and in 2008, "Outspoken". He released several EPs as well: Transformation (House Music) 2011God Is My Best Friend (2012)Desert (2012)Mandingo (2013)Journey To Life on D#Sharp Records (2014)Currently, he is in the process of recording his next album project, due to be released in the Fall 2014. Stay tuned! Follow Aron Prince on Twitter!