- Electronic Beach


Sascha von Dalwig-Nolda (aka Electronic Beach) was born 1973 in Cologne (Germany). He started playing around with electronic music in the mid 80's and mostly share his work for free in two decades. In fall 2009, he decided to publish some new ideas he had on his mind for a while via SoundCloud. After a few months producing he got great feedback on the first free releases. Jambalay Records was the first label to recognize his talent, so he shortly got his first release and were asked for some remix work.After this there were soon more and more remix requests from other labels, that he brilliantly fulfilled, while working on many new productions of his own. His style is unique and combines real electronic music with modern techno beats - by never forgetting his roots. You will always feel something retrospective in the tracks, maybe because the addiction to all old Roland TB & TR stuff which he keeps using in new productions. Currently working for labels like Jambalay Records (Italy) as resident artist, Lungfiller Records (Great Britain), Triskel Tech Recordings (Belgium) and Frankfurts located DMN Label.