- Hot Noizes


The residents of the world-renowned music labels: Simplify recordings, New School Recordings, 13breakz recordings, Blaubeat (sublable Baroque), Shopopalo.- 33 releases on labels around the world;- Hot Noizes’ music is in charts of many famous DJs all over the world;- They have remixes and bootlegs of the well-known DJs and musicians;- Extensive work experience in club industry;- Numerous performances in different cities of Ukraine and Rus s ia;- A large number of performances in various radio shows around the world.- Silver medalists of the national DJ contest «Movida corona»;- Award winning participants of the DJ contest «Beefeater Forever London»;- Participants of Global Gathering 2013 (Pirate Station) The concept of the project is that in every musical direction one can find something his or her own and timeless. There is no new or old music, there are concepts “relevance” and “demand”.