- Naiko


Performer, sessionist, music producer, sound designer, and an “artiste engagé”. Born in 1978 , son of Marina Romano, actress, and Jorge Massidda , landscape designer. He Lived in a small surfer city by the sea called Pinamar till the age of 18 , then he moved to Buenos Aires continuing his music studies started at the age of 12 with Carlos Cerisola one of the best teachers in the coast of Buenos Aires,following also with his uncle Sergio Romano (one of the best guitarists in Argentina) with master classes as guitarist. He continued at Beerkley Buenos Aires, studying with Marcelo Guthfreind (great jazz guitarist) particular in parallel. Bought his first rhythm machine at the 16 years old acquiring experience in all kind of electronic music machines, adding a passion to his career. Naiko is a model too.