- Hellnegative


It has been a long journey from humble beginnings. Along the way, new skills have been developed with every milestone. Going from strictly hardcore, to turntablism, to drum n bass. Then going from strictly vinyl, to DVS, to Controllerism, and back to strictly turntables, he travelled many paths within the art form of Deejaying.Along the way, production went from being a hobby to the most important part of the musical journey. Every single day is spent in front of the DAW practicing the art of electronic music production. While the focus has been Drum N Bass, other genres have come out of constant experimentation.With the recent regression of electronic music, it is time to re-affirm the idea that our culture and sound is the future! No more beeps, bops, and 808 kicks. The 80’s is over. This is musical warfare against all those that work to slow our progression. Together we are the forthcoming, the soldiers, and the hands which create reconstruction. The revolution has now begun!