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Hamburg based german DJ and producer HATZLER started with various projects and releases as artist on labels like Injection, Confused, Bush, Superstition, Spiel-Zeug, Terrace....Being influenced by electronic dance music in many kinds like electro-funk in its early years, experimental "warp" and Detroit Techno in the nineties and the rise of House and Techno in its many faces in the present days, several projects with musical partners developed...the most successful known as MOTION UNIT with buddy André Winter on Confused Records.After taking a break from his electronic dance music roots for some years, wanting to experiment with different musical genres...working as a freelance sound-designer, soundtrack composer and production developer...he built up a small studio at a new place...returning to electronic dance music with a different approach this time...A new coop with André Winter for his project D-SAW feat. Xenia Beliayeva, followed by two EPs under his name HATZLER on DIMMER RECORDS and remixes for labels like FLUG VON WELT left footprints in 2008.........2009 saw releases on CLAUDE VON STROKES imprint MOTHERSHIP V and DIEB 2010 several releases and remixes for the portuguese label SUI GENERIZ and a reconnection with André Winter on Oliver Huntemann`s Imprint IDEALAUDIO followed........more to come..Released on Ideal Audio, Dimmer, Dieb Audio, Sui Generiz, Mothership V, Flug von Welt...PROJECTS (with André Winter except „Synful Dyme“)- Motion Unit: Motion Unit Vol.1 INJECT ION Back 2 d`basics EP CONFUSEDJerk off EP CONFUSEDIn the land of phunk CONFUSEDFear EP CONFUSED My Mind EL.KINGDOM Moving EP CONFUSED A taste off CONFUSED Copper EL.KINGDOM- Freakazoid: DE EP SUPERSTITION Manic EP SUPERSTITION- Gate 28: Sweep`n`Bleep BUSH Trackdown EP BUSH- Synful Dyme: Stirs & Whips EP SUPERST IT ION - 2Work: Whistle Work USS- Retrojunkies:All she wants TETSUO- D-Saw Vanish TERRACEREMIXES- Elektrochemie LK Da Phonk CONFUSED - Krusher Me to do CONFUSED- Humate Sound SUPERSTITION- Der Thal Serenade FLUG VON WELT- DAS Rectum DIEB AUDIO- Octave MA SUI GENERIZ- Andy Martin Cosmos Owl SUI GENERIZ- Tomas Andersson Super Intendend SUI GENERIZ - Alexx Wolfe Minimal is SUI GENERIZ- Casah Kate is in da house SUI GENERIZPROJECTS (SOLO)- Rex Denny Electricity ALPHABET CITY - UMP Want to rock you POLYGRAM- Rechange Core SPIEL-ZEUG- Decoy Wayback HIGHHEAD- HATZLER Quarterpounder DIMMER- HATZLER Mofa/ Moped DIMMER- HATZLER Shore MOTHERSHIP V- HATZLER Disquos/ HNO DIEB AUDIO - HATZLER Kanasta SUI GENERIZ- HAT Z LER Quarterpounder RMX. DIMMER- HATZLER + André Winter- Gallopper IDEALAUDIO - HAT Z LER Shimba Hills SUI GENERIZ- HAT Z LER Nocturned EP DIEB AUDIO- HAT Z LER Conch Cut SUI GENERIZ- HATZLER User EP SUI GENERIZ