"Unique, timeless":The altogether phenomenal debut of new electronic duo HVOB"Low-key and yet light years ahead": the "Melt!" festival (Germany) couldn't have described the incredible launch of Vienna-based electro project HVOB any better.The first snippets appeared on Soundcloud back in April ... and then things really kicked off: Oliver Koletzki was so impressed by the samples that he signed the unknown duo to his label "Stil vor Talent".An acclaimed debut at the Graz "Urban Art Forms" festival (Austria) was followed by success at the "Melt!" festival (Germany), where the pair were spotted and immediately contracted by German booking agency "Four Artists". HVOB will release their first EP in October, which will be followed in 2013 by an album (expected release in February) and a European debut tour.HVOB stands for "Her Voice over Boys", which perfectly describes the idea behind the project: HVOB is synonymous with intelligent, emotive and melodic, sophisticated electronic music – with more than a feminine touch. "An enchanting female voice combined with meditative beats" said the "Berliner Zeitung" on the German debut of HVOB. Oliver Koletzki, who has been one of the leading figures on the European electronic and house music scenes for many years, talks of "a eureka moment the first time you hear it, something which happens only once in a blue moon. HVOB are unique, timeless."Behind the sound of HVOB is Anna Müller: the 25-year-old from Vienna composes, produces and provides the vocals. Final production of the tracks is done in collaboration with Paul Wallner in his studio. HVOB essentially perform live on stage, together with a drummer.