- Hassio


Hassio (Daniel Mesa monsalve) Lives in Colombia, Music Producer 6 years ago Handling of deep house and tech house.Busanco refine his own style percussive progressivo Of the top-level World Stamp Launching their freshest and new models of good music for tracks and clubs both nationally and internationally with great support from many renowned artists such as Richie Hawtin supremely, Umek, Uto Karem, Hanne & Lore Matt Klast, both for the great support in the family Iberian and LatinFrom the large genus Tech House Member of Colombian seals Such as The room Jose M Label, Malisious Smile obando figeroa and label, Deep album Music label Mas Matheo velez recognized as the Medellin cartel.Progressivo Dj playing in many places medellin recognized tropical cocktails and clubs very influential albums in the genre scene in Colombia fashion events and showcase the kore labeles Label Music and nationally mustache on the other hand international Jekos integral seals Music, Kinetika Records, wtf Music and DJs get funky label Just2 total support page and nationally renowned broadcaster Radio Colombian your city and colecctivo of movement of electronic music Techno city Medellin.Giving initiant so his short career as a DJ and producer level you expect in a few years to strengthen the more tech groove deriving darker and techno to their keep onIndustrial fans and more strenuous level thanks to this humble work and good deddicacion be part of a large group of major global producers.