- DJ Christ


With more than 70 tracks released, LP / EP / Singles / by labels like Proton Music, System Recordings, Exotic Refreshment,Recovery World, Progrezo, Empro, Endemic Digital, among others.CHRIST is part of the new "Wave" of Argentinian ́s Producers, you can love it or hate it, but it won ́t pass unnoticed.He played in clubs like Pacha, Bahrein, Privilege, Levitar, among others. (Argentina) + tours @ Latin America & Europe.His sets are regularly played in radios like Ministry of Sound, Sonic.fm, Proton, Balkan, Pure, Plur, Tunnel FM, etc.Fat basses, Cheerful Melodies or Dark Voices (depends on his mood), intense percs & complex sounds are his signature. He is constantly searching for new concepts, Styles and Textures. He leads the listener on alternative ways, and gives the consciousness a break.www.djchrist .net http://www.facebook.com/djchristmusic