- Sureno


With a passion for music that stretches back further than he cares toremember, Sureno's musical influences are many and varied. Like so many inthe scene he has a fondness for soul, jazz and funk but he alsoappreciates much of the early 90s hip hop and has always went out of hisway to judge music on its quality rather than its genre.As his production career gets under way, it's interesting to look back atthe milestones along the journey so far. His first Walkman generated aninsatiable appetite for music and was a constant companion from a veryearly age. The first set of turntables led inevitably to a DJing careerthat started in the local clubs with radio work following. It wasn't untilhis mid twenties though that the urge to create his own music struck.Afriend introduced him to his first DAW, and after a two year apprenticeship his first productions are about to see the light of day.Right now it's all about House music, whether it's deep, soulful or techyand you'll find Sureno in the studio working on new material thatstraddles all these sub-genres. There's no master plan but he hopes torelease the sort of music that fires his own passions and inspires thelistener, with the ultimate aim of making Sureno a household name.