- Abyss (Giuseppe Morabito)


Amongst the masses of self hyped, facebook-fueled producers that consistently try the shortcut to musical success there are few who choose to start with such solid foundations as Giuseppe Morabito aka Abyss. Born in Naples, this Italian producer turned heads some years a go with the single “Mind Games” on Ben Watt’s highly acclaimed Buzzin’ Fly Records. Although by no means his first studio output, this mystical and dark mover was a killer record and certainly caught a lot of people’s attention with everyone. Clearly not happy with staying put as tea boy at Planet Funk Studios in the late 90’s, his constant exposure to the club and music scene has had considerable influence over his productions today. Taking confidence with being credited as programmer & engineer assistant on the first Planet Funk album, Giuseppe took the plunge with going solo and went on to have several records released under his new found Abyss moniker. With a clear vision to create new and int eresting music, experimenting with fresh sounds and a very high attention to detail, Abyss has spent many years developing a sound that is deeper and atmospheric while still maintaining the driving house sound we can associate with coming out of Italy. With the Italians famous for style, it’s encouraging to hear that substance is something that he regards equally important with his approach to production.