- Disco District


Taufik Suryawirawan a.k.a Disco District was born and raised in “Kota” district. A region in Jakarta, Indonesia that is known for the night clubs that spand from one corner of the street to another. He started Dj-ing since mid-2005. RnB and Hip Hop was the early genre he chose. But it wasn’t long until he finds his true calling in making his own tune and doing remixes of some house beats and a touch of electro. Despite of his autodidact method in learning dance music production, his determination and undeniable talent have brought some serious attention toward Disco District. He was nominated and manage to sit in the top three position in “Get Up Remix Competition” that was originally produced by DJ Echa and held by 1945 MF. From that point on, he gets more and more comfortable in producing house tracks.He hopes to be able to show the world, that Indonesian DJs are also capable and worthy of International dance scene’s acknowledgement.