- Deraout


I've been involved with Techno Music for around 12 years so far, at the beginninig it's was just local, but the time, the hard work and also the good taste for the musik put myself out of my room.Like all kinds of people from small countries in the world i did some parties wihtmy favorites djs, it's was the only way to get known around, also getting contacts and techno mates, it was also a good oportunite to show my work to the world.Because of that i started to make music, share with my friends and play in every corner around my country getting experience below the decks.During 2007 i lived in London, playing musik, learning lots of things about theculture, music and industry.Now i work for labels like: Loose Records (IT), Sleaze Records (UK), Refluxed Records (Col), im also the head behind INT ELLIGENT DIVISION, wich is the powerfull crew in the TECHNO escene in Colombia.Im the official opener of the CLR nights in Colombia and i also run a radio station and work whit the bookings of the bigger TECHNO artist for South America.