- Christine Benz


20 years DJ experience with vinyl.. 12 years produce experience..CHRISTINE BENZ : That this woman is nuts is obvious. At the tender age of 14, she drove her parents to the brink of insanity with 138 Bpm.The successful web designer / UX UI Designer has proved in Switzerland - at the Rohsto ager, Komplex 457, as well as at the Hive - that she can rock any shack. Sets with Carl Cox, Marco Carola, Chris Liebing, Ben Klock, Adam Beyer, Magda and many others are part of her reference list. Known for her rolling, floating and low bass frequencies as well as her own, quite special mix style at the turntable. This unbelievable talent renders them unique and distinctive. Deejaying by using a conventional vinyl turntable, to her, represents the traditional style of deejaying, which she is still unwilling to do without. She is a very bubbly, lively, euphoric, humorous and ambitious individual. With her sets, she does not allow herself to be pigeonholed in any manner, not even with her own productions, an authentic Christine will stop at nothing. She is assertive and knows exactly what she wants, what is possible and what certainly won't t in with her' world. From Chill Out Sets up to extremely main Techno Sets, she grabs her audience at the right time and does not let go of them anymore.The impulsiveness and enthusiasm for the passion of her music causes within the audience an energetic mixture of euphoria harmony, love and does magic as it puts a smile on their faces. This leads to her audience being transformed into a gigantic crowd of people dancing along to the beat. Provided, of course, that one can even see her behind the sound mixer since she is not one of the tallest in the world. "And don’t touch the sync button"