- Burak Yeter


With his many achievements from the day he was born untilthe present, he leaves us with just one option - reading all ofhis accomplishments patiently.He continues to keep his interest in music on a very highlevel, and has been emerged in it from a very young ageuntil today.Moving around to different cities due to his family’s work,has gained him a lot of experience. Adaptation to any city hesteps foot in only takes 2-3 hours!In 2004, he settled in London and received his Masters inthe field of Sound Technologies and Music at SAE Institute,London.At the MT V & Burn DJ contest held in 2004, he was electedas the Best amongst 560 DJs and displayed his talent as heperformed at the MT V party at Popeye Village in Malta.In 2006, he released the first solo DJ album, named “ForAction” In that period, he started to make Musicarrangements for various Leading artists in the MusicIndustry.In 2008, he signed a Deal with the world renown audiocompany “Pioneer”, and opened the first and only DJ school.T hrough this venue Burak started to make Arrangements,Produce and Record for the Top Artists in the Music IndustryWorldwide.In 2010, he was awarded with the title of “T he Best DJ” by“Kral T V” and received “T he Best Remix” award as well.In 2012, he released a brand-new single titled “Mr.International” with Hot Rod, who is well-known from hisworks with the G-UNIT group. T his single had muchsuccess and was available in many music stores around theworld. He has made highly reputable arrangements and remixes topowerful names such as Depeche Mode, Black Eyed Peas,Alicia Keys, Adele, Skylar Grey, Gotye, JayZ &Kanye West,T he Beatles, David Guetta, Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra,Hot Rod, Truth Hurts, Bruno Mars, Kid Cudi, James Brown,Schiller, James Brown, Patrick Hernandez until today.In 2012 he released a double album entitled “Blue” with thelabel DMC. T his album, was very successful Globally and hewas awarded “Best Remix” in the 16. Kral T V Music Awards once again.In 2013, he released the single “Storm” in Amsterdam.T his song reached within the Top 100 spots on the dancecharts Internationally. At the same time, he shot a MusicVideo for the song “Storm” in Holland.Burak Yeter, is the CEO of “Connection Records DJ School”,and has developed nearly 2500 certified students to thisday.In 2009, he established Connection Records MusicCompany and started to release many albums, Uponopening his studio in Amsterdam T he Netherlands. He hasmade 3 Dj School. Connection Dj School in Amsterdam,Istanbul and Los Angeles.‘’Connection Records” is a three partner companyestablished in Holland, Turkey and US. In the Companythere are many talented Managers, DJs, Designers andGraphic Designers etc. working together with Burak Yeter toform the Incredible team that we see, hear and feel today.Burak started to give the courses in the DJ profession inthis location as well, under the name of ''ConnectionRecords Bedrijfsgegevens''.Burak Yeter, who is currently concentrating on his up andcoming album (2015) entitled “New Word”, is featuring theworks of many talented artists living all around the Globe incollaboration with Burak, sure to bring a fresh new sound tothe planet.He has a wide audience stretching from America to CentralAsia, all very familiar with the works he has done. Up untilthe present day, he has worked with nearly 50 differentphotographers and 30 separate designers and continues toexpand his relationships and opportunities with people fromall walks of life and locations around the planet. By the way of establishing various websites such asConnection Records, Connection Records DJ School, BurakYeter Web page, Burak Yeter T V page, Burak YeterWallpaper page, Burak Yeter Shop page and ConnectionRadio Show page. He stays very connected to his audienceand makes updates regularly to his fans and followers fromFacebook, Twitter and Instagram. He continues to expandhis vision and talents to new heights everyday, with cuttingedge ideas that will surely take the world of Music, Businessand Art to uniquely refreshing and unexplored levels in theEntertainment Industry.