- Anthony C


Anthony was born in sunshine, Melbourne Australia. At 8months he went to Swan Hill in country Victoria to live. Hehad an idyllic childhood but was sent to singing classes toimprove his speech. By age 4 he had grown a love ofsinging and began to win vocal competitions till the age of13. For a short time when he couldn't sing he took up pianofrom the ages of 13 to 18. He studied opera and joined theAustralian Opera at 21. He also had a great interest in othermusic, particularly soul and pop. At this stage he also begansongwriting by himself and with producers like Andy Van andDavid Wilks. Not long after he met a producer/keyboardistcalled Robyn Payne who he formed a strong songwritingpartnership and friendship as well as gifted singer ClaireWoodley. He began songwriting for a number of artistsincluding Claire as well as Tita Farrar. So moving forward hewrites and produces for artists such as Kevin Layton andJade Angela and has moved into Country with songs writtenwith Jasmine Rae (CMA artist of the year for 2013). Hissongs have now been remixed by the very talented andUpcoming Bsharry, vocals being provided by either AnthonyCarne, Kevin Layton or Claire Woodley. He hopes to buildthat partnership and release European smash dancehits..Time will tell.