- Arara


"When you wanna write something about Nikos Kostolou aka Arara you have to prepare yourself for a small movie storyboard...Started djing in '97 giving birth from the very beginning to a unique and particular attitude in his set. Sometimes more peaky and solid others with a bit lazy downbeat art in it . He is kinda t he guy t hat always have something extra to add in his performance and cause of that fact he instantly start to be a part in every major club / festival around.Of course it was obviously that after possessing a numerous diplomas in mult imedia t echnology/digit al art and also music technology and sound design he will end up that way.Gathering expediencies all around from The Net herlands / Germany / UK / France / Belgium / Switzerland / Greece / Sweden / Portugal / Poland / Austria / Hungary / Spain / Morocco / India / Mexico / Serbia / Turkey / Brazil / Australia and Japan you can imagine that this guy has quite a rhythm in his soul...Been also a technology freak he offers most of the times a rather unique twist and aroma on his performances chasing always his 15 minutes of fame... Of course that was a joke.Recent ly he collaborat e wit h anot her greek act Fog offering immediately some of the finest and memorable installations like Congamusment under Noir or their debut ep on Caramella and Beef records including remixers like Monoroom.Charted played and supported from all the big names around like Mark Knight / Nic Fanciulli / Dubfire / Hernan Cattaneo and others he put himself to the task for better and even more timelasting sounds. Stay in touch"