- Andreas Brunner


Andreas Brunner is a producer from Austria who producesheart-adapted techno music. He has made his personal taskto follow the call of honesty in order to get a feeling of life.And so he hopes to communicate this with his music.At the age of fourteen, he and his brother founded a cultureclub called “Tonfysik”, which should promote electronicmusic. From then on, Minimal/Electro/Techno have been hisconstant, inspiring companions and give him from day to daylively vibrations! Especially producing. At the age of sixteenhe defined following … realizing his own imagination ofsound design, and Creating exciting atmosphere, emotinalsounds and professionally runnings of the tracks. He know,for the future, that he want to find out, how far the musictakes him. At the moment, his feeling says, that this is theright way....so go on a short voyage of discovery in the music fromAndreas Brunner.