- Rodrigo Mateo


Rodrigo Mateo, born in 1988, Electronic musician from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Started his producer career at the age of 20, five years after his first contact with electronic music. During this period he has been exposed to many influences, all of them present now at the time of writing music.The experimental side is always present, in shape of abstract atmospheres that aims to enhance the spiritual side of music, in equilibrium with melodies and choirs, combined to reach the subconscious of the listener.The fusion with modern progressive house ended in a distinctive style, easily recognizable due to its level of feelings and emotions, deep and spiritual melodies as well as a effective club sound.Listening his music you can go through different sensations, sometimes opposites, like sadness and happiness, adrenaline and quietness, or hope and resignation. All of them in a specific order to present an idea or situation. Thats the whole point of music, produce a propitious space to get in contact with the soul.