- Welticke


Welticke stands for percussive passion that begins to travel in the minds and arrives in her dancing reflection.'Welt' from German means 'world', whereas the 'icke' comes from 'Ich', meaning 'me'. It's slang from Berlin, one of the pioneering cities when it comes to Technoculture. The 'world' is one portion of the big picture, the community and the life that gives us the chance to be part of this tangable and yet so incredible Earth. 'Icke' from 'Ich' is the other and refers to the individual, the essence from which life can blossom and truly be lived. The 'we' in the 'me' and the 'me' in the 'we'.Those are the fibers of his name. The world as his target audience - winged with the wish to celebrate togetherness, to create good and to appreciate and enjoy the good.