- Viruss


I have been dj'ing and producing now for the best part of 10 years although with the producing side of things I have really homed in on it more over the last 3-4 years after getting my own space in terms of a house ect, over this last couple of years I have started to get more interested in drum n bass, breaks and recently a little dubstep and I am starting to get my head around the production of these genres BUT! trance/hard trance are at my roots I bloody love the stuff I am very much inspired by some of the earlier hard trance from producers such as shokk, scott project,dave joy,flutlitch and arome just to name a few as the list could go on for ever lol, I love a journey with my music and I cant help but aim for that with my productions and I hope it takes others off on a little mind mission also. just want to say thanks to the Eml crew for all the support, i'll keep the tunes coming and who knows maybe even a little dnb and dubstep in pipeline. thanks for listening it really means a lot!!!