- LexTime


His name is Alvaro, born in 1989, lives in Alicante. In 1999 he became interested in music. In 2006 with 16 years old he bought his first dj team with which his technique was improving daily. The following year he had his first chance in the club called Manssion, then in clubs Central, Piramide. This styles were Hardcore, Newstyle, Jumpstyle, Dance, Hardstyle. Since 2006 to 2009 He made sessions everyweeks for Musiketa website.In July 2009 LexTime changed his style and Rolcore arrived. Everyweeks he does sessions for his website (www.djlextime.com), the best tunes of Trance & Progressive. In 2010 he bought Studio Equipament and began to produce trance tunes. In 2011 arrived his first release on EML Recordings and now he's working with EML for more releases.