- Toni Manga


Toni Manga was born & raised in Munich, Germany. His trip into electronic music starts in late ‘90s, getting involved in DJing professionally in underground events & clubs of Germany, specialized in techno sounds & beats since then..The new millennium finds Toni moving in Thessaloniki, Greece, where his studio-base is located nowadays, playing in major events & festivals, alongside the main clubs around the country. His skills & techniques brought him on the 1st place at ‘City In The Mix’ National DJ Competition held at Club Decad ence (Thessaloniki), and following dj mixes getting aired on various radios, interviews floating on national tv network & Press..Since 2006, Toni Manga started working on Producing his own beats and choons releasing his music since 2009 on labels like Spherax, Fatali Music, Future Lovers (Plusquam), Mistique Digital and Movement Recordings being also one of the main label djs in various Movement label nights in Greece, having also support & plays by main international DJs on his productions & remixes for artists incl. Ad Brown, Cid Inc, Hypnotic Duo, ao..Nowadays, Toni’s working on new studio projects, with original productions & remixes coming out on Movement Recordings, Iboga Records, plus working on his first solo Album CD to be released by the end of 2012..!