- Kiki Botonaki


Kiki Bokonaki - KiKa, is dj and music producer from Greece with her own radio show on FLY104 daily from 14:00-17:00. She was born in Thessaloniki, and he loves music since she was a child. And that was just the beginning. Since then, he has traveled for dj sets all over Greece, as well as in other countries such as Cyprus, Germany and France. From 2014 until today she is in the family of A2ltd, created by dj Antonio and Tony G and well-established bookings company and more. Finally, the last six years she has started to deal with music production, realising her own projects. Some of these have been officially released in companies such as Break The Rule Records, Stab Recordings Berlin, DAL recordings, Seres Producoes and others for free on hers Soundcloud page. Some productions are in collaboration with Sofia Passali under the name "Vibers" and others as "KiKa" or "Kiki Botonaki". The biggest success till now is her co-production with Manuel Kane,for the EP "Catalyst" which released by Seres Producoes of the acclaimed Dj Satelite, including a remix by Christos Fourkis. Information about Kiki Botonaki: FB page: https: //www.facebook.com/kikibotonaki/ Fref = ts SC page: https: //soundcloud.com/kikibotonaki Mixcloud page: https: //www.mixcloud.com/djKika/ A2LTD booking : https://a2ltd.gr/