- To Ricciardi


One of the Pioneers of the electronic movement in Lisbon in the 90 ́s.He was part of a new music vanguard era ,at that time he Releases his first tracks for Tribal America and Kaos He founded his Lisbon studio, Som de Lisboa in 1991 after accomplished his London studies at Kingston University in audio engineering, since then worked as a music producer and a DJ.In 1999 he launches his first labels, Nylon Discographic’s and Lupeca, another great step for the Portuguese electronic music scene.Having released a number of albums and projects like Loopless, Spaceboys, Type, Shelter Av.,Cyz, Shrimp and Vadú and collaborations with artists such as Swag-Afro-mystics-Quantic and HowieB.Under Shelter Av and Erotic sardines together with Miguel Guia released a few tracks and remixes.Also as To Ricciardi he produced tracks for :Cool Hipnoise, Cyz, Spaceboys, Lucky Stereo, Balla ,Coldfinger and No data and remixed several tracks For: Tosca, Madredeus, Antonio Variações, Red Hot & Lisbon, Bala, Coldfinger and Mirror People.Original tracks and remixes Appears on Labels ;Studio k7, G-Stone, Om-Records, Mole Listening Pearls.....