- Madd Rod


There are those who keep the same face, style, and taste from their childhood, but luckily for us, Rodrigo Pinheiro isn’t one of them. Although he was a beautiful child, those who follow his project know that the Lisbon-based artist has changed a lot since he entered the market and a proof of that is the evolution of his release catalog. Although the artist now hates the track that got him his first radio airplay in the end of 2014, he knows it was an important step for the ripening of his sound and for the launch of his career. Abandoning his electro house roots, the young DJ & producer dropped out of his first label project, MDT Records, to enter a journey that would lead him to a deeper sound. In early 2017, he finally started putting out his first Tech House & Techno tunes, with some following the Arabic influences that his first tracks had. After regular appearances on the biggest nightclubs of the Portuguese capital and a summer residence on a beach bar in Algarve, Madd Rod embarked on a new adventure, moving for a semester to the South of Germany. There he met other artists that would inevitably influence his sound. He played in Club 27 and Kuckuck in Tübingen, and launched his new label, Inner Shah Recordings, in December. After an official launching event of the project in the city that helped him find his sound, it was time to head back to Portugal and hit the studio and Portuguese roads again.