- Thomas Stieler


Tradition and adventuresomeness are his futureCertainly, Thomas Stieler is a passionate DJ. Since 2006 he demonstrates his abilities with an open- hearted, innovative interpretation of electro- acoustic sound arrangements.It is his special gift, to transfer his vision of "technoid" vitality and "House-bright" hip swings with gallant power to the audience.He is not lusting/seeking for passing glory or "peaktime" bragging.No, it's more about sustainability of frisky festivities under the symbol of House and Techno.He is said to be an excellent and universal aid for the special memorable moments of the particular party history.As a native of the idyllic Saalfeld/Germany, he certifies over and over again, that his home has more to offer than chocolate, sewing machines and flowstone caves.In the/his region (by now beyond as well) he undoubtedly enjoys a good reputation in the matter of quality management of musical club design which he demonstrates week after weekend as an agile activist behind and in front of the console. With his own sound fabrications, which are able to do more than just wrench good comments from any" S o und c lo ud " - f o llo w e r .Thomas is fully committed to the electronic- stamped adventure world, infected by pioneering spirit and the searching for the perfect groove.