- Chris Manura


"A DJ must surprise" says Chris Manura. This is what the veteran from Leipzig has been able to achieve for 31 years by harmonizing his feelings for people and music. Only when he knows the situation in a club, he decides how and what he plays that evening. Since1998, Chris Manura is the resident and an integral part of the Leipzig Distillery. Party has to work for every single person in the head. For Chris Manura, that means evoking emotions in the listeners. He pursues this concept both as a DJ and as a producer. Since the year 2000, the artist has produced his own tracks, which ia. were released on the joy of dancing and elddub. It starts with its own label "Antrieb"in 2019. In the future, esteemed and friendly artists will have the opportunity to release as well. One may be curious, for the surprises Chris Manura is well known.