- SuperJam (BRA)


SuperJam is a performance and music production project, created in 2014 by Taylor and Juan Luiz Tesche, with the goal of providing unique experiences each presentation and captivate the audience with a lot of interaction and good vibes. The interest in music arose early, together account for more than 20 years of artistic and music study not only in the electronic music industry, which sets out today. The project has the recognition of major national and international artists such as : Autoerotique, Adriano Pagani, Kickstarts, Mr. Black, WAO between others. They have earned a place in lineup for the glamorous club "Provocateur (SP)". Participated in a B2B with S.E.L.V.A at the famous "Clash Club (SP)", and played at great events in São Paulo, always receiving praise through which gig.#WEARESUPERJAM !!