- Savio De Simone


Savio De Simone born in Naples in 1978, developed a passion for music at the age of 10 years of making music, encouraged by his dad (singer-songwriter). It grows more and more so that pushes him at the age of 14 to buy his first turntables and start mixing vinyls! All strictly house, strongly passionate about this genre he is addressed in the years to follow the several clubs, excited for his musical culture, then joined some of them! His passion for music grows more and more until he decided to start translating his passion in some his project, starting from “Solara” on Nulu Electronics, to the brand new "Mamboo" signed with LadyMarySound International, and so on ...! Today he still believes strongly in his passion and hopes as always to be able to translate what's inside him, using one of the few real means of communication: the "MUSIC".