- Royal Flush


Royal Flush is the latest project to hit the PsyTrance floors across the world, consisting of two crazy Israeli producers who are heavyweights in their own right. Didy Ezra (Bizzare Contact) & Eddie Zaltsman (Mystical Complex) have teamed up to give you a new sound of progressive trance that will leave you begging for more!It’s only been a couple of months since they announced the project, and without any releases have been turning heads all around the globe.That changed straight after the release of their debut EP entitled 'Sub Zero' - which was an immediate success.'Sub Zero' was embraced by DJ's and Listener's all around the world and got great feedbacks from the crowed and great support by Worldwide famous PsyTrance acts like Coming Soon!!!, Simon Patterson, Loud, Ace Ventura, Class A, D-Addiction and much more.Since then they are working very hard on their new materials, exploring new territories and making sure they are not caught in the normal Progressive Psytrance loop.