- D-Addiction


"I think Belgium was the turning point..." says Adi.This working soul first encountered EDM in Belgium where he spent most of his early teens. Currently based in Israel, his musical roots go way back to the 90's and early 00's where he first started spinning the decks in India & Thailand and later on in South Africa.In 2005,Adi co-founded the notoriously known act Quantize. The project released a groundbreaking debut album at "Iboga" records which took the world by storm and still does till date.In 2010 the birth of "D-Addiction" took place...A project that specializes on a new-age blend of Progressive Techno Trance. psychedelic atmosphere, heavy baselines served with top notch production. With future releases in top-notch labels,Adi is loaded with psychedelic dance-floor bangers that will be released in the near future.After touring the world from side to side and back n forth, Adi is ready go on the journey once again with his monstrous new output.Ready for your new addiction?