- Robert DB


Robert Deak alias ROBERT DBI was born 1983 Hungary.Since 2000 I'm writing my own songFT2, Rebirth, Reason, Ableton, but I started with playing as a DJ.Love to play most of the time:House, Minimal, Tech-House, TechnoRobert DB hailing from Hungary delivers Tech House that will penetrate your brain, in a good way.Robert DB music, it’s a looped, progressive and really dark take on the harder spectrum of house music. Robert DB loves to do weird and wonderful things with the drops in his tracks so don’t be surprised, if you are surprised.Listenagain!How was to inspire me:Carl Cox, Christian Smith & John Selway,Richie Hawt in, Corvin Dalek, Y ello,Danny T enaglia,Record label: DB Records, Dalam Muzika, Groove Life Records,KornerHouse Records, Kushtee Records, Shacks Records