MARTY is a composer, producer, dj and remixer from Vienna Austria. He began making music at the age of 6. He runs a recording studio in Vienna. As he discovered his love to Electronic Dance Music he teamed up with Georg Gruber to form the Group The Cosmodrome. In 2010 he signed a record deal with Pure Funk Recordings / Portugal and released his first EP called “The Cosmodrome - Galaxy One”. Featured tracks are “Into The Space feat. Tanja M”, “On The Line” and “Hands Up Tonight”. 2011 the new single “2gether” was released on Housevisions Records / Austria and also made it to the Sampler “Progressive Pearls Vol.8” of Futureaudio / Germany. The track was funded by the local federal ministry of art and culture (BMUK/Vienna). 2012 he teamed up with vocalist Tommy Simmonds from the UK to release his debut single „Diamonds In The Sky“ in early 2013 on Galaxy Records that also made it to „Dirty Impact Club Tour Vol.5“ and „Clubland Vol.5“ by Universal Music and „DeeJays Favourites“ by Balloon Records and headed to the Austrian Dance Charts Top 50 fore some weeks. 2013 also his second single „One Love“ also featuring Tommy Simmonds just got released this summer on Galaxy Records.


Celebrate the Summer
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Pulsive | 2014-09-19