- Rikardo


Rikardo has recently turned his hand to Music Production and now has an EP (Ignite EP) released on Rebel Records, which is being supported by the likes of Audiojack, Scott Langley (MOS), Gavyn Mytchel (MOS), Matan Caspi and many more. His Second EP (Particles EP) consists of “Proton” & Neutron (Remedy Records) , which has received some excellent feedback from the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Gavyn Mytchel, Alex & Filip, Josh Abrams, Ben Coda, Erphun and Steve Haines. His Third EP(Luna Molecule EP), ( Rebel Records), also received some rave reviews from the likes of Jim Shaft Ryan, Ben Coda, Alex & Filip, Jon Kong, Gavyn Mytchel, Josh Abrams, Quivver, Markus Shulz and Flux BPM. Luna was also Licensea to Armada Music, which is ofcourse the label run & owned by none other than the worlds number one dj, Armin Van Buuren. His Forth EP (Twisted EP), Consists of “Twisted” & “ATOM” (Baroque Digital), this definatly cause an almighty stir in and received some excellent reviews from the likes of Hooker & De Freitas, Ben Coda, Audio Jack, Markus Shulz, Paul Oakenfold, Steve Haines, Josh Abrams, Markus Shulz, Gavyn Mytchel and Daniel Mcdaid. Rikardo’s fifth EP was released on Remedy Records (Oceans EP), Which consist of the aptly named Atlantic & Pacific which was released in July. He also released a single “Rikardo - Trippin In Miami” which, released on Baroque Records in July also. Another track tittles “Rikardo – Hybridize, Which was released on Lowbit Records in October. More recently Rikardo has Signed his 6th EP, “Into The Clouds EP” which, consists of “Into the Clouds” & “Beyond Paradise”. This has been signed to Lowbit Records and is due for release early 2012.