- Ettica


Producer, DJ and all round nut job, Ettica combines Techno, Electro and his own flavour of Tech House, with precision and ingenuity. It’s all about dirty bass line grooves, chunky beats, massive build ups and detonating drops, fusing hard grimy beats with tribal Brazilian drums and twisted techno vibes. He not only manages to create an exciting balance of all but delivery is achieved with a spicy, hypnotic deepness. . Captivated by dance music, he started producing at the age of 14, pulling banging Drum‘n’Bass, Hardcore, Hardhouse and Breakbeat tunes out of the bag. At the ripe old age of 30 and in collaboration with Death proof recordings, Lot 49, Fiasco London, lmp,Pro-Ject Records, Ettica has dusted off and polished up and is now producing some very unique music. Infamous for mixing it all up, Ettica’s DJ sets are structured to the same rhythm as his writing; a jumbled assortment of everything from house and tech house to progressive and techno