- Razzek


Razzek has been djing since 2000 & a musician all his life... Growing up listening to all genres of music from classical orchestral pieces to full on heavy death metal. His career originated in Goa, the original hub for psychedelic trance where he played some of the biggest and phattest parties Goa has to offer as well as around the rest of India. After being signed to Alchemy Records in 2009, Razzek started headlining all over the world at parties and festivals alongside names like Eat Static, Rinkadink, Raja Ram, Tron, Ajja, Shane Gobi, Burn in Noise, Ace ventura and many more. As a classically trained musician, Razzek uses his knowledge to bring together the dance floor into one united psytrance movement. His progressive yet aggressive style of psytrance and his long flowing mixes creates an atmosphere that draws you in and spits you out, leaving you craving more and dancing till your feet hurt. Now sit back, relax and groove on. "Psytrance is a way of life... Keep the spirit alive - Razzek"