- Priya Sen


Priya Sen is a regular contributor writer for music magazines Decoded (UK), Underground Tel Aviv. She has recently joined Pioneer DJ Radio with her monthly show titled Dreamscape and is also part of Frisky Radio as a writer plus hosts her monthly show Provocateur on the radio site. Based out of Mumbai, her vision has always been to entertain, educate and be an independent voice on music, machines and the performers who make all our lives so rich and colorful with what they do. To translate all of it through words that engage and make a difference.Priya continues to grace consoles with regularity as a specialist of Deep Tech, Progressive House and Melodic Techno, at some of the most prolific hot spots and electronic dance music nights that celebrate the underground. Not only that her track Stargaze on Modern Agenda, plus remix work for Christ Malvin & Ivan Sandhas, Jorgio Kioris and more are all slated for 2017/2018.