Val (Pio Beat) is a EDM producer from Kaliningrad, the capital of Russian's most western region, surrounded by Poland, Lithuania and the Baltic sea. Pio Beat has dedicated himself to a constant work on combining diverse music cultures together. His music is based on the skills of playing real music instruments.He is making experiments with music of a new generation, uniting different musical genres.Now Pio Beat have more than 20 digital releases on TOP music stores, and taking main part on a new and fresh Breaks and Tech Funk project from Kaliningrad - BETTER KICKS.LABELS: DIABLO LOCO RECORDS, HIT BISCUIT RECORDS, EXPAND RECORDS, RUNWEST RECORDS, DISTORSION RECORDS, TEKNICAL RECORDS, V.I.M. BREAKS, RUNE RECORDINGS, SUB ELEMENTS, BROKEN RECORDS, SELECTA BREAKS RECORDS and etc.