- Flip5ide


"Born in the headphones and decks" - a phrase could not be suitable Nikita Yeremeyev , today better known as Flipside: barnstorming DJ , musician, promoter , and young entrepreneur from Kaliningrad , whose tracks you can hear on world dance radio show. Although the version of the instrument with which he was born , diverge , because his father - the best guitar player in the field of 90 . Nikita from early childhood differed a good ear for music and abilities , resulting in a 3 years old learned to play the guitar, balalaika, saxophone and trumpet. In 13 years, accidentally tried himself as a DJ on the radio station. This moment changed everything. Now Nikita interested only in consoles, records and turntables. Years later passion for electronic music became only stronger now not only a DJ , but also a novice producer Flipside focused entirely on the genre breakbeat. In 2009, he studied at the Academy of Kaliningrad DJing XSSR Music Academy, and soon after started his own promotional group «Flipside Project», responsible for some of the most successful and breaks dubstep events the last four years . In 2012 he founded the electronic live- band BIG GUN, consisting of vocalist , guitarist and percussionist . At the end of the same year opened the Academy of Electronic Music in Kaliningrad - United Masters Academy, which , together with his colleagues , renowned Kaliningrad artists, teaches and publishes a monthly DJing professionally trained students. In 2013 and 2014 it is nominated for the international award Breakspoll Awards, in "Best DJ" nomination.. Currently preparing to open United Masters Records label and release their own releases on European labels.