- Patrick Di Stefano


Patrick Di Stefano resident DJ and artistic director ofBUT T ERFLY T URIN BERLIN A/R, a product of national andinternational artistic and musical synergies with the purposeof spreading the finest electronic music related to theconcept of clubbing and characterized by jazzy, deep,house, techno and minimal touches.He was born in Turin, and since then he started to elaboratea vision. Dj and producer since 1995, Patrick hasparticipated to several music events in Turin, in Italy andBerlin . Although his blueprint for house music, Patrick'sproduction sweeps across trance, techno, and subbasementdub. Soon, the dance elements faded into thebackground and improvisation became the key element ofthe music. As the productions evolved, the music split into anumber of different styles giving to Patrick's works thatparticular flavours.11-11-11 he started with his friend Luca Doobie with a newindependent Label: SPADES CLUB