- Pascal Billotet


Pascal Billotet is a Nîmois passionate electronic music. From a neighborhood, he remained simple and humble. More than just a DJ, mix and Pascal himself composed his music (deep house, house, minimal, techno). >. This is a true creator. His early influences are DAFT PUNK, LAURENT GARNIER and CHEMICAL BROT HERS. He accompanied the birth of the first raves wild region like the first Borealis. Electronic music no longer hide, quite the contrary. Pascal can watch his many talents. Dj is present in many scenes and surfs well on this new wave. The success of the work of Pascal is measured by the number of labels around the world who recognize him as a true artist. Finally, the city of Nimes called on him to start the concert DAVID GUETTA & DIGITALISM the Arenes de Nimes July 20 last.