- Max Blanck


Max Blanck discovered at the end of the 80s, the English and Belgian EBM music like Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, Front Line Assembly and decides by itself to produce this sound from now itself.After buying his first samplers (Roland S-50) and the burgeoning techno and house movement in the early 90s he developed a passion but more and more for this new sound and completed soon, the first live gigs with names like "ÑCapacityì" or "ÑLatenceì" at parties in and around Bremen.With regard to his studies of cultural studies at the University of Bremen, the activities inden years scaled back, and then start to enter the new millennium fresh.The studio is now focused almost entirely digital. Publications on SUBSTIMULANZ and Apwood RecordingsPink Floyd: "Push" EP 2007 12 "vinyl -Max Blanck: "Bottom" EP 2011 digital -Max Blanck, "Twisted" digital EP 2011 -Max Blanck: "My own god" digital EP 2011