- Leunich


To pinpoint Leunich’s sound is to understand the emotions expressed in his complex and textured sets. Drawing inspiration from across the musical spectrum, from minimal to dark techno, deep and progressive house, to jazz and opera, Leunich crafts his musical journeys with little regard for genre and trend. This very eclecticism shines through in his productions as he explores the boundaries of music, both stylistically and technically, often fusing roaring live instruments with digital MIDI programming. In the end, the goal is simple – to connect with the audience using music as a common ground.Leunich’s attention to this “simple goal” has already earned him residencies at many of New York’s hotspots. Starting from his deep house journeys at Plunge at The Gansevoort to his Sunday jubilees on the roof deck of AVA Lounge at the Dream; the connection to the audience has always been the one constant propelling his musical voyage. The last year saw Leunich start his own brand of underground party, Tech La Di - playing with the likes of Erphun, Adam X, John Selway, 16 Bit Lolitas, George Vala & Audioprohecy, and Tamer Malki.With 2011 in the books, Leunich’s focus for the future is undoubtedly to spread his passion and commitment to music around the world – always learning, always evolving, reaching forward and striving to continue making connections with his signature sound.