- Omary


Omary is one of the youngest DJ/Producer from Morocco with more than 10 Years’ experience as a DJ, he is born in Casablanca City, Morocco. Starting DJ at the age of 12, with afternoon parties and birthday events, he became resident DJ in too many clubs & restaurants around his city, the fact that he was so young to play at clubs it makes his notoriety growing up so fast, what makes him famous too, music was part of his young life such as his studies never dropped, which made him a young artist with the skills of a great man.After too many years of experiences as a resident DJ in different clubs & restaurants he start learning about productions, signing with LGMI Records as his first label collaboration under his old artistic name ‘’Angello Omix ‘’ than he sign with Big Room Records and Heavy Records in the different styles of music, after he identify the style of music he want to work with, he sign a new song under his new artistic name ‘’ Omary ‘’ with Big room records, and start working on making his own record label under the name of ‘’ Alcazar Records ‘’