- Mind evolution


Mind Evolution is an all time musician and main producer and A&R(Brazil) on Womb Records. After graduating in Electronic Music Production started to concentrate more on Psytrance and electronic music. With various releases and appearances at the most important Festivals of Brazil and the rest of Latin America he has marked his sound on the Latin dancefloors and soon beyond them. He owes the music school Sala De Artes in Caxias Do Sul where he gives seminars and classes on EMP, DJ, bass and percussion and has helped a lot of young producers to make their dream come true. His sound is well psychedelic with a musical sense to it and a groove that it will haunt you for ever. As he is a well experienced musician and performer his lives are full of energy and wild rhythms that make people dance like mad and yet keep asking for more. You can sense a mature feel on his productions and a seriousness that will groove your head off and make you travel thru the cosmic consciousness of the psy realm! Listen to his music and let Mind Evolution to show you the next step!!!