- Mike Salta


Mike Salta started out in the early 80’s as a DJ, music aficionado, record collector and producer at the italo disco scene. Based on a focal point in the late 70’s disco, balearic and funk era, the addition of his first Moog became his destiny. Growing into house music was a natural revelation along the journey, experimenting with technology and reflections of music unfolding sounds for soul and dancefloor.With 25 years of experience gathered from gigs all over the globe and engagements under various alter egos, Mike Salta has returned to the roots up the retro house alley.As a producer, experimenting with ingredients from balearic, boogie and nu-disco, to Chigago and Detroit sounds of the early 90’s without aiming at a specific genre. Music is supposed to be a feeling.Along the journey, Mike Salta has established himself as a sought after audio restoration specialist and mastering engineer, making wonders with worn out tapes, vinyl and related historic formats for music and audio documentary.Mike Salta is the founder of Relux Music Group, striving to support new talent and creativity, and eventually, free the world for trivial music without soul and authenticity.