- Manipulation


I believe the energy that makes all of us is a combination of the influences we have from what we listen too, the images we see, the things we eat and what we let ourselves believe. My music trip started before I can remember my own thoughts, now most of my day is filled with understanding sound. Music has been my main focus and dedication for the past 14 years but yet I find I'm growing to love it more every day I Listen/Mix or Produce a new track. My Goal today is to provide as much good music possible, invite our world to travel through unforgettable places and expose new sound-waves to everyone willing to let go, enjoy and be the unimaginable. This musical journey started in the Azores Islands where I got a lot of ideas for what I do now but moving around and learning about our globe has been my fuel and inspiration for making it one more step. Growing up listening to albums from the past 50 years made me appreciate the Goa Trance genre, its complexity, the things it can do with you and the things you can do with it. I was hooked the first time I was exposed to it. This frame of thought that promotes Incredible Complex Music, Social Diversity, Acceptance, Harmony, Ours and Natures Well Being, Love and Unity is not something I could ever turn my back too. Goa/Psychedelic trance for me and many, is far more than just a genre of music, and if you are reading this... chances are, you know it too...If there's a sound, there can be music... if there is music there is dancing and the world will keep spinning as long as we keep stomping. Nuno Cabral