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Makoto Murase aka MAKOTRAX was born in 1978. He grew up Tokyo Japan. In the 90's Makoto started participating in the Club/Rave scene in Japan. From House to Techno and everywhere in between, he has crafted a unique and ever-evolving style. Using finely polished electronic beats coupled with grooved-up waves that wash over, you will not be able to escape from the dance floor!In 2008 Makotrax really rose to prominence when he was awarded the grand prize in the very coveted friskyRecords remix competition! His remix of Federico Epis “Sensations” was a genre busting crossover hit making it to the good position on digital sales chart. In 2009 he has already had huge success with new singles and remixes on friskyRecords, Mango Alley, microCastle, Moody Moon(Flash Over), EYE Records, Black Hole Recordings, Frame, 2E2L, Totem Traxx, Otographic, Rebel (Baroque) . His unique blend of classy progressive house melodies and rock solid techno inspired production has garnered him support from many A-list DJs worldwide. It was played by Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Dj Miss Nine, Matt Darey and more. So far 2011 has been a great year and with many more remixes and Original productions to follow Makotrax is a producer and DJ to watch.


Profile 2012 pt1
Minimize, One Million Toys, Shiloh, Mr. Y, Marcus Almen, Pedro Aguiar, Espen, Knut, Maximus Bellini, DJ Nightnoise, Mehmet Akar, Peter Wagner, DJ Borra, Ange, Levente, Yuriy From Russia, Jorg Zimmer, Yves Eaux, Luke Chable, Danny Bonnici, Nubah, Single Man, Mimax, Stephan Bazbaz, Pte, Heads Down Music, Asten Wave, Marc Moan, Matt Purkis, Orelse, Mr.Raf, Killo Schneider, Oliver Harper, Jochem Peterson, Philip Anders, Swamp Factory, Dany T, Pako Parisi, Re-Bound, Indepth, Tirrenia Vibe, Orquesm, Matthew Freedz, Aeonism, Beat Factory, Harem Tone, Techno Phobia, Artem Troiski, Pincode, Tigerhook Corp., Tim Jirgenson, Ewan Rill, SambaTech, Bram, Full Funktion, Beckers, D-Nox, Big Al, Alfredo Mena, Sandr, Makau & Kagl, Descent, Deng & Slavak, Chris Drifter, MB Project, Jaap Ligthart, Smartrunner, Zack Roth, Ad Brown, Alzo, Chris Junior, Robert Mint, Anton Stellz, Saten, MonoMode, Alex Villanueva, Innate, Ziger, LMR, Reelaux, Cristian R, UNIC, Ogawa, Steve Valentine, Atlantis Ocean, Dubfunk, Disoul, The Soul Elephant, Lank, Joe Kolbohm, Darko De Jan, Claudio Bonaldi, Thanos Kous, Makotrax, Alex & Filip, Tempered DJs, Fusion F & Come T, Summer Brendon Collins, David Prap, Willy Real, Ticon, Jay Storic, Alessandro, Overloque, Positiv3, Christian Rith, Ivan Demsoff, Threshold Productions, Indepth, One Million Toys, Ziger, Smartrunner, FM Radio Gods, Chris Drifter, Randall Jones, Lank, Descent, Disko Dario, Reelaux, M Clis, Adrianos Papadeas, Jochem Peterson, Chunky Fuckers
Baroque Digital | 2012-08-06