- M.Hustler


M.Hustler-DJ and producer from the capital. The creator of the creative association "Hustla Family". His musical set is an inexpressible energy and atmosphere. Bpm of his performances is from 70 to 128.In 2013, he released his first single "In love again", which was held at the party of the label Ministry of Sound and was filmed the first clip, presented to the general public on February 14, 2015. March 8, 2014 released the single "My super hero", quickly gained popularity on the Internet. The track "Mama Africa" entered the top-100 beatport. His work is supported by: Chuckie, Alex Guesta, Exodus, Lady Waks, Zeskullz, Al Bizzare and others.Style, drive, energy is what M.Hustler is holding, not one of his performances is like the previous one. Believe me, it will be remembered for a long time.